SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Brian Smith of Salt Lake City, Utah says he hit rock bottom after losing his job last February, but a new suit helped turn everything around.

“These last 10 months, I’ve lost my faith in humanity, in God, in life,” Smith told KSL. “There were many times when shotguns looked very tempting.”

Smith submitted 180 resumes to different job openings, and he was slammed with rejection after rejection until eventually, he became homeless. He spent months sleeping in cars, friends’ couches and occasionally hotels.

Then, Smith learned about Utah Woolen Mills, a clothing store that pledged to give away hundreds of suits to those looking for jobs.

According to the store’s website, for every suit sold, Utah Woolen Mills will be giving away one suit to people looking to turn their lives around.

Within a day of going to his first interview in his new suit, Smith was offered a job.

“I didn’t think it would happen to me, and it did, and I owe them so much,” said Smith. “I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

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Homeless, depressed man recieves donated suit that changed everything

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