Hoda Kotb returned to “Today” Monday morning for the first time since adopting daughter Haley Joy, and the day was filled with many emotions for the new mom.

During one segment with Kathie Lee, Hoda explained the moment she knew that baby Haley Joy had arrived:

HODA: One day I’m sitting in my dressing room. I’m waiting. I don’t know when it’ll happen or if it’ll ever happen. I’ll never forget I was FaceTiming with somebody for a work thing. And my phone buzzed. And for the adoption, I had the word project written in my phone.

KATHIE LEE: It really was… you kept it so quiet.

HODA: So I kept calling it the “Project” so I wouldn’t slip. And I saw it said “Project” like, someone from the “Project” was texting me. And I sat in my office and I took a pen and I wrote down 11:54 a.m. Like I knew that was the moment my life was going to change. So I scribbled it down and I dialed the phone. And the woman on the other end said, “She’s here.” Like that’s all. “She’s here.” And that was it. And everything from then, everything changed. That’s when I was lying and saying I went to Florida. I’ve told so many lies! I’m exhausted.

Hoda said she’s enjoying every moment of motherhood.

“When I look at her, like I see forever. I see past me, past… I see, like, the future, which I guess I never saw,” Hoda said in a special segment on-air.

Hoda shares the exact moment she learned about baby girl Haley Joy

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