Hoda Kotb says she’s turning her daughter Haley Joy into a “beach baby.”

This summer, Kotb has taken many weekend trips to the beach with her family, including her mom, her dog, Blake, her daughter, Haley Joy, and her longtime partner Joel Schiffman.

A video she shared with “Today” show viewers shows Haley looking a lot like she’s just about ready to start crawling. As Haley plays on the ground, Blake is jumping excitedly around her, as if encouraging her.

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“It’s amazing how a baby takes over everything,” said Kotb.

Kotb also said she loves watching her mom feed Haley.

“Every time she feeds her, you cry,” commented Kathie Lee Gifford.

“Yes, there is something about watching that, that is so…” said Kotb.

Watch Kotb’s weekend recap below:

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