PARMA, Ohio – An student with autism got to live his dream thanks to some basketball players with big hearts.

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Kyle Chuha of Parma, Ohio says his brother, Brandon, has a form of autism and is the basketball team manager for Parma High School.

“Brandon’s been our manager for three years. He’s at every practice. he’s at every game. He’s part of our family, and I knew it was time to give him an opportunity,” varsity basketball coach Michael Durkin told WJW.

Durkin decided to put Brandon in the game last week. A video shot by Kyle shows the crowd cheering thunderously for Brandon as he sunk a shot right over an opposing player’s head.

“The place went wild. It almost brought me to tears, so much happiness,” said team captain Kyle Lyon. “Seeing him in the game is like seeing a brother in the game. It’s so exciting for him. Seeing him smile, his face light up.”

Everyone in the stands were on their feet.

“He was the happiest I ever saw him,” said Kyle. “The basketball players carried him off the court on their shoulders. I was so proud of him. He wanted it so bad. Everyone was going crazy and had a standing ovation.”

Watch the heartwarming moment below:

High school basketball players on opposing team help autistic teen’s dream come true

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