Every time a grandmother with Alzheimer’s sees her baby granddaughter, it’s like the first time she’s ever seeing her.

Setsuko Harmon, 77, of Florence, South Carolina was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s eight years ago after family members noticed she had suddenly become very forgetful, ABC News reports.

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When Harmons’s daughter, Christine Stone, found out she was expecting, she couldn’t wait to tell her mom. Harmon first went viral when Stone shared a video of her telling her mother over and over again that she was expecting. Each time she reacted with joy.

Now, Harmon is going viral again, this time as she meets her new granddaughter as if for the first time over and over again.

“My mom loves her,” Stone told “TODAY.” “She was here for Thanksgiving, and she said, ‘Why can’t I take the baby? I want to take her home?’ It’s put some pep in her step. But her short-term memory is gone. Every time I say, ‘Meet your granddaughter, Sadie,’ she’ll forget whose baby it is again five minutes later. She gets so excited all over again. ”

Stone said she was surprised when her mom started singing a Japanese lullaby to baby Sadie. It was the same one Harmon sang to Stone as a child.

“It really is special to watch her sing it to Sadie because I remember her singing it to me,” Stone told ABC News. “She would sing all these Japanese songs … when she would wash my hair in the shower.”

Stone hopes her videos help to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.

Grandmother with Alzheimer’s overflows with joy when she meets her granddaughter for the first over and over again Facebook / Christine M. Stone

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