A man is getting a lot of attention after giving up his favorite shoes to help a homeless man he spotted on the street.

According to a Facebook post by Craig Wells of the U.K., he was having dinner in Nottingham with his family when he spotted a homeless man walking down the street without any shoes on his feet.

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The man was identified by the BBC only as Mark.

“Immediately I ran outside to catch him,” Wells wrote. “I asked what size he was and he was exactly the same size as me (coincidence, I think not).”

The shoes, which were his favorite, cost upward of $150, according to the BBC. Wells said he was touched by Mark’s emotional reaction.

“He then started to cry and gave me the biggest hug saying how nobody has ever been so kind. He then went around the corner out of sight and put the trainers on and re emerged still crying,” wrote Wells.

After finishing his dinner, Wells gave Mark one last hug and made sure he had a safe place to sleep that night.

Wells’ post about the encounter went viral, getting more than 4,000 shares on Facebook. He hopes the post inspires others to help those in need.

“What I do want is people to recognise that Love is the greatest gift we have been given. It was given to us freely and freely we should give it away,” wrote Wells.

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