ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – A man who appears in a viral video breaking up a fight between two teenagers captured the attention of an NBA star who is now thanking him for his swift action.

A video shared  online Monday afternoon shows two teenagers throwing punches in Atlantic City as their peers stand by and laugh.

Jamar Mobley, 15, is one of the teens seen fighting in the video. He told WCAU the fight was about a girl.

As things got heated between Mobley and another teenager, 27-year-old Ibn Ali stepped between them and broke it up.

Then, he turned to the onlookers and said, “Everybody with your phones out? All ya’ll? Ya’ll the real cowards! Record that too.”

For the next four minutes, Ali spoke to the boys, telling them to make better choices.

At the end of his speech, Ali made the two teens who were fighting shake hands before leaving.

The video posted online was viewed millions of times.

NBA superstar LeBron James was one of those who saw the video. He tweeted his gratitude toward Ali for breaking up the fight.

“#Salute the homie who stepped in and spoke real to our young generation,”wrote Lebron.

Watch the now viral video below:

Good Samaritan spots teens fighting in the street, tells them something they won’t soon forget

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