Three first-responders are being called heroes after stopping to help a 98-year-old woman who was mowing her lawn in the Texas heat.

Paramedic Kent Haney and his EMT partner Matt Linda were driving through Waco, Texas, Wednesday when they spotted an elderly woman pushing a lawnmower in her yard.

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“She’s elderly and looked exhausted,” Haney told KWTX. “She was on a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall over and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself.”

A neighbor spotted the crew helping his elderly neighbor and snapped a photo to document their kindness.

“I thought it was a very great gesture of them, I mean, when they’re not saving lives, they’re out helping the community, it’s greatly appreciated and I’m sure she appreciates it as well,” said neighbor Dashlin James.

The two men happily helped the woman finish the job, but she refused to let them put the mower away, insisting she could do it herself.

The first-responders say they plan to check on the woman moving forward.

First responders help finish the job when they spot 98-year-old mowing her lawn Video screenshot

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