CROSSVILLE, Ill. – A couple’s wedding memories got swept up in a tornado and ended up on someone’s property more than an hour away. Now, a woman is working to reunite the family their their priceless mementos.

“I was like, ‘I gotta find these people. This might be the one thing they have let from their home,” Tracey Vinson of Hazelton, Indiana told WFIE.

On Tuesday, a tornado swirled from Crossville, Illinois all the way to Hazelton, a path about 50 miles total. The tornado picked up debris, along with a couple’s priceless wedding day treasure, including an engagement picture, wedding day invitations and the bride’s garter.

Tracey’s neighbor found them in a plastic bag field on her farm and turned them over to Tracey who immediately got to work tracking down the couple.

She posted the photos to Facebook.

“I had tons of friends messaging me and it didn’t take maybe an hour and a half and we found who the people were,” says Vinson.

Tracey managed to get in touch the the family. The couple’s home was picked up during the storm and tossed into a pond behind their home. Somehow, the wedding memories were carried to safety.

Tracey plans to return the items to the family later this week.

Farmer finds couple’s priceless wedding memories after tornado carries them miles away from home

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