NEW YORK CITY – A New York City woman is thanking sanitation workers for doing the seemingly impossible: finding her lost wedding rings in a mountain of garbage.

Shannon Lombardo told WABC that she wrapped her wedding rings in some tissue after cleaning them.

“I think  I got distracted with the kids…. and I think I just crumped it up and I didn’t feel the weight of them and I threw them out,” said Shannon.

She and her husband called 311 and were connected with the sanitation department in Fairview, New Jersey.

For 30 minutes, Shannon, her husband Jim and the sanitation workers sifted through piles of trash.

Miraculously, they found them.

“It’s pretty insane. All the things that went right to make it work,” said Jim.

The sanitation workers say they were more than happy to do it.

“Seeing the happiness on their face, and I said that it’s a great time for them to renew their vows and stuff. As long as they felt good, I felt good,” said Sekou Callender.

Family thanks garbage men who dug through trash to find lost keepsake

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