PEABODY, Mass. – After more than seven decades apart, the surviving five of eleven siblings have reunited to live together under the same roof.

“We all have different health problems and medical appointments now, but we do always check on one another,” 92-year-old Mary Cena told the Today Show.

Cena and her four surviving siblings ranging in age from 85 to 98 all live at the Brudnick Center nursing home in Peabody, Massachusetts. She told the Today Show she moved away to live with her husband in 1943.

Decades later, Cena moved into the nursing home to be with her 98-year-old sister, Carmen Wesala, in 2013. Slowly, they were joined by sister Georgia Southwick, 93, Lucy O’Brein, 85, and brother Larry Mallia, 90.

“We are all just so happy to be together again. I just wish my other brothers and sisters could have experienced this with us,” Cena said.

The family of 11 siblings all stayed close to Peabody, Massachusetts, which made seeing each other regularly fairly easy. In their later years, they’re happy to be living together once again.

“When you’re old and you think of the best time in your life, you think of those times when you were surrounded by family and friends,” said Cena. “Those were the best times of my life. I couldn’t ask for anything better in the end.”

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Elderly siblings reunite to live final years together after decades apart

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