A father of two says he’s happy to have his “normal” life back after surviving 98 brain tumors.

Leland Fay, 46, of Monument, Colo., found a bump on his head in 2011. Doctors discovered it was an aggressive form of melanoma.

Despite undergoing experimental treatments and having part of his scalp and lymph nodes removed, Fay’s cancer spread to his stomach, liver, lungs and brain.

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Doctors found 98 tumors in his brain.

“Typically, with three to five, it’s, ‘We’re going to send you to hospice, and it’s 6 weeks to live,’” Fay told KCNC.

Dr. Robert Breeze, a neurosurgeon at the University of Colorado hospital, devised a treatment plan that involved Gamma Knife treatments, which don’t require incisions.

After several treatments and one surgery, Fay’s brain scan is finally clean.

“With melanoma, it’s hard to ever say that someone’s cancer-free,” said Breeze. “He certainly has beaten the average.”

Fay said he’s just happy his life is back to normal, which includes coaching his two young kids, going on hikes and working regularly.

“Kids are healthy, wife’s healthy, life’s good,” said Fay.

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