By Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

IOWA FALLS, Iowa — An Iowa dad brought a dream for his children.

While his children were away, the dad would play, well, play eventually.

First was the hard work for Wyatt Ziesman.

With only two days, he created a real-life “Field of Dreams” for his kids: a baseball field carved out of a cornfield, KCCI reported.

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He did the baseball diamond surprise two years ago, and it is still going strong.

The dugouts are only feet away from the cornstalks. The outfield borders their farmhouse driveway and front porch.

Now, the kids hit the field, with dad as the umpire.

Ziesman said the field wasn’t as expensive as you’d think. He spent only about $800 on fencing and bases and got some hand-me-down lights, KCCI reported.

And while it may seem like the field is right out of a movie. Ziesman said he was not inspired by “Field of Dreams” and the story of a fictional Iowa farmer who built a field and had a final, otherworldly catch with his father. Rather, he hearkened back to his own childhood where a church across the road from his home had a baseball field where he and his friends would play.

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