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MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota couple moved up their wedding one year so the bride’s mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, could enjoy the ceremony.

Days after their engagement this summer, Stephanie Gefroh and Bryan Fish were married in a backyard ceremony at her mother’s residence in Devil’s Lake , North Dakota. Gefroh’s mother Susan — a onetime day care provider and artist — began showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s 10 years ago, KARE reported.

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Gefroh and Fish, who live in the Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth, were united in their decision to move the wedding date up.

“I love her. She’s my mom. She’s still my mom. She’s in there somewhere,” Gefroh told KARE.

“I mean, I love that woman,” Fish  told KARE. “So if she wants to move it up a year, move it up a year. If she wants to do it in her mom’s backyard, I totally understand.”

Within 25 days, the couple made all the wedding arrangements. Despite the short notice, their friends and family members were able to attend the ceremony.

Gefroh’s mother sat silently during the ceremony, KARE reported. But she laughed during the reception.

Two weeks after the wedding, Susan was moved from her home to a memory care facility, KARE reported.

“I never thought I would have my mom at my wedding,” Gefroh said. “So it was a treasure to have her with us for the day.”

On Sept. 9, the newly married couple will participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Target Field in Minneapolis.

Couple moves up wedding so bride’s mom with Alzheimer’s can attend Video screenshot

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