A California police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when he helped an elderly man who was having trouble at a bank.

Police were called when the unidentified 92-year-old man was apparently causing a disturbance back on Sept. 22.

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Officer Robert Josett was told that the man was trying to take money out of his account. And while he had money in the bank, what the man didn’t have was a valid identification card. It had expired, and the bank couldn’t give the man his money without a current ID card, according to the police department.

Instead of carting the man from the bank without his money, Josett took the man to get a new card at the DMV. As soon as it was renewed, Josett took the man back to the bank to withdraw his money, police said.

The photo of Josett escorting the man to the DMV was posted to the Montebello Police Department Facebook page and has nearly 39,000 shares and more than 254,000 reactions.

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