By Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio — An Ohio woman has a lot to celebrate. After a six-month battle with breast cancer, Amy Kleiner was going to her last chemotherapy treatment.

And as she was getting ready to leave for the clinic, her neighborhood had a surprise planned, WKRC reported. 

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Some met in her driveway for a prayer to send her off for treatment. Others lined their road, holding signs of support and love, ABC News reported.

Then they released balloons, each one a symbol of a procedure she’s gone though.

One person was missing in the celebration. Kleiner’s husband Doug had to miss the final treatment due to work. Her best friend Tera Kiser stepped in to play chauffeur. She even decorated her van to mark the occasion, ABC News reported.

Kiser told ABC News, “She’s so selfless and so sweet, I just wanted to make it a big deal for her. More than anything else, I wanted her to know, ‘You’ve done it, this day is here and now we’re going to put this part of our day behind us and move forward. Let’s just go and get this last one treatment and get you feeling better.”

While chemotherapy is finished, Kleiner still has radiation therapy to go though, WKRC reported.

Community comes together to celebrate woman’s last chemotherapy treatment

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