A family was brought to tears by a woman’s touching bridesmaid proposal to her severely brain damaged future sister-in-law.

Jessie Torres of Millington, Tennessee, suffered a severe brain injury after a car accident on a first date in 2011, WREG reports.

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“The first two years, she was pretty much unresponsive,” said Jessie’s brother Derrick Torres. “She pretty much just had a blank stare. You looked at her, she didn’t look back at you. It was hard to tell is she even understood her surroundings.”

Recently, Jessie has been making progress. She has been making eye contact and has even smiled and laughed.

Derrick’s fiancé, Nichole, recently presented Jessie with a note. Jessie’s mom, Lenore Torres, read it out loud to her, and the special moment was captured on video.

“Soon you will be my sister,” the card read. “Until then, will you be my bridesmaid?”

Lenore cried as she read the letter. Nichole could see the happiness on Jessie’s face.

“She’s staring at me, and she’s just beaming, smiling,” said Nichole. “She wouldn’t stop staring at me the whole night while we were still standing there — she just kept staring, and you could tell she was happy about it.”

Jessie lives with her parents and gets round-the-clock care.

Derrick was touched Nichole wanted to make sure his sister was a part of their big day.

“It just helps prove that I’ve got the right one,” he said. “She’s incredible, and she’s absolutely supportive since day one, and that’s very important for our family.”

Jessie’s family has set up a Facebook page to share updates on her progress.

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