Rebekah Gregory is a woman who has beat the odds more than once, and now her baby girl is doing the same.

Doctors told Gregory that she would be unable to get pregnant again after her body had been hit with shrapnel from a bomb that exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on 2013.

“The told me I’d never be able to have another baby and that was crushing,” Gregory told Inside Edition.

Gregory has a son, Noah, who is now 8, but she and her husband wanted another baby.

She was surprised when she got pregnant, but she faced new challenges when her baby girl Ryleigh was born prematurely a year ago.

Ryleigh has since recovered and is a bubbly toddler now.

Gregory is sharing her story in a new book, Taking My Life Back. She said surviving the bombing has made her a stronger person.

“My determination outweighs my fear every day,” she told the “Today” show. “So just because I was at the Boston Marathon and I got blown up does not mean my life stops there. I was three feet from a bomb and I’m here today, so I am very blessed, regardless of anything else that happens.”

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