By Wilton Jackson, WSB-TV

ATLANTA – Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin will keep his promise of paying for the wedding of a couple who met at the team’s first annual “Swipe Right Night” in 2015.

Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong went to the Hawks’ Tinder-themed event at Phillips Arena on their first date. Since then, the couple has attended several games, including some playoff games and the second Swipe Right night in 2016.

During the second Swipe Right night, Koonin said he would cover the bill for couple’s wedding, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Helena Oliviero.

Armstrong, who recently had a baby, reminded Koonin of the offer he put on the table.

Koonin agreed to his promise, according to He said excited about the growth of the couple’s relationship since the team’s first Swipe Right night.

“I will absolutely make good promise for the Hawks to host your wedding,” Koonin said to the AJC. “We can’t wait to start making plans and meet your new little one.”

Armstrong and McCleskey will be getting married soon, and the Hawks will also provide the venue for their wedding as well.

Atlanta Hawks CEO keeps promise to pay for wedding of couple who met at team’s ‘Swipe Right Night’

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