ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A girl who lost her father a year ago was heartbroken when the the annual father-daughter dance rolled around, but one of her favorite teachers stepped in to fill those big shoes.

Kaylee Nance of St. Louis, Missouri lost her father last year. She didn’t have a date to the annual father-daughter dance, so her friend invited her to attend with her and her dad.

But Kaylee’s favorite teacher, Mr. Tim Bianco, stepped in and asked Kaylee to accompany him to the dance.

“I just thought that if she would like to go with somebody or have her own chaperone, I’d love to go with her,” Bianco told KSDK.

Kaylee happily accepted the invitation, and in their matching outfits, the two danced the night away.

“I was so grateful that she has such a wonderful family here. We wouldn’t have gotten through what we got through without them,” said Kaylee’s mom, Stacey Nance.

Watch the heartwarming story from KSDK below:

After losing her father, this girl’s teacher stepped in to take her to the daddy-daughter dance

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