After more than 60 years apart, a woman has finally reunited with her biological siblings.

According to ABC News, Sylvia Kewer was adopted at four years old. She was born to Leona Holmes Duff Goode Lambert in Buchanan County, Virginia in 1950. Her birth name was Dorothy Mae Goode.

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She was raised as an only child and her adopted parents had only minimal information about her birth family.

Recently, Kewer decided to take an DNA test. Little did she know her nephew also took one. When Kewer got the results back, she learned detected an “extremely high match” of a relative who also took the test. The results allowed her to get in touch with her youngest brother.

Earlier this month, Kewer finally reunited with her siblings in Abingdon, Virginia after decades apart. They celebrated the reunion with a cookout. More than 30 family members gathered to celebrate the reunion.

“I honestly thought I was going to be living alone for the rest of my life and just be by myself and not know anything or anybody except Natalie…that’s my world,” Kewer said. “Now I have a bigger world with four siblings.”

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