By Kimberly Richardson, WSB-TV

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. – An Atlanta woman is thanking an officer for helping her give birth to her ‘princess.’

Letoya Williams was on the way to the hospital with her husband on Wednesday to deliver their third child, when the two soon realized there was no way they’d make it on time. Letoya was already in labor.

That’s when Officer Candace Tongate with the Douglasville Police Department showed up. She noticed the couple when she was at a traffic stop, and had them pull into a parking lot.

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Letoya explains that Tongate was unbelievably wonderful, and actually helped her deliver the baby girl inside the car.

“I truly believe angels exist and she was definitely sent just for our baby girl,” Williams said.

Letoya explains that Tongate talked her through everything. She kept dispatch updated and caught the baby, and made sure she was okay all at once.

“I thought she was a mom with how calm she was handling everything, considering my husband was freaking out and the other officers on scene seemed to be in shock,” Williams said.

But to their surprise, Tongate wasn’t a mother. “To find out she has no children blew me away,” she said.

Letoya laughs and tells Channel 2’s Kimberly Richardson that even the male officers that watched, not knowing what to do, checked on her to make sure she was okay.

The happy couple was taken to a nearby hospital with their baby girl for observation, but are doing great!

“We were just happy, blessed and overjoyed to see our baby girl Rylie make it into the world,” Williams said.

A woman almost had a baby in traffic. But a chance meeting saved the day.

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