A heartwarming moment caught on camera between a police officer and a group of kids on the playground is warming hearts.

Officer Ryan McLearen is a school resource officer. He was driving through an Aubrey, Texas neighborhood when he spotted some kids playing on the playground. He greeted them with his car’s megaphone.

Greeted by smiles, he got out of the car.

“I started talking to them and they were going down the slide,” McLearen told KTVT. “And I said, ‘How about me? You think I’d fit down there?’ And they were like, ‘no.'”

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As McLearen tried to make his way down the slide, the kids doubted him, but he ended up pulling it off in the end.

“I try to go down the first time and my pistol got caught on it,” McLearen laughed. “And one of the kids said, ‘Your gun is stuck!’ So I fix that and I was finally able to get down the slide. And it was like, ‘Yeah! All right! I did it!’”

McLearen said he loves that his job lets him interact with kids.

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s pretty common place that the police are out to get them,” McLearen said. “You know, if you can change one kids mind you’ve done a lot. In my mind they’re going to take away a lot of good stuff from this.”

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