A widower is thanking his “family” at a fast food restaurant he frequents for throwing him an unforgettable surprise.

Ed Johnson’s wife of 59 years passed away last year, and now, whenever he feels lonely, he visits his local Whataburger restaurant, KTRK reports.

“In times where it gets hard, I just want a coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit,” said Johnson.

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Johnson became such a frequent customer that when workers saw him approaching, they would prepare his order for him.

Johnson’s granddaughter said the workers’ kindness towards her grandfather was touching.

“In my mind, he’s the definition of love and kindness,” said Emma Carr. “I’ve watched him treat everyone he’s come in contact with, with respect and humility.”

The manager at Whataburger planned a surprise party for Johnson one week before his birthday, complete with an orange and white cake that read, “Happy Birthday Mr. Johnson, customer #1.”

Johnson teared up at the touching display of love. He said he considers Whataburger his second home.

“I consider every one of these guys a member of the family. I’m just little ole me. I don’t deserve this. All I do is eat some biscuits, but I’m beyond grateful for everyone,” Johnson said.

A lonely man got a big birthday surprise from the fast food restaurant he calls “home” Twitter / @_emcarr

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