A Goodwill worker is being recognized for her honesty after finding a donated bag with $39,000 in cash stuffed inside.

Kindell Keyes was working at a Goodwill store in Queens, New York when she found $39,000 cash inside a donated purse. She told WCBS at first she thought her co-workers were pulling a prank.

“I started looking around like, ‘who’s setting me up? There’s no way,’” said Keyes.

According to WCBS, two brothers from California donated some of their grandmother’s belongings after she passed away at 101. They had no idea she stashed $39,000 in one of her purses.

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After cleaning out their grandmother’s New York home, the brothers returned home to California. When Goodwill called them about the discovery, one of them was able to return to collect the money.

WABC reports Keyes was presented with around $4,000 in recognition of her honesty.

Keyes said it was easy to do the right thing.

“The money didn’t belong to me,” Keyes told WCBS. “I believe in karma. You do good, good things happen to you, so I’m not going to keep something that don’t belong to me.”

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