When coaches for the University of Texas football team brought in a magician to boost team morale, they also had a special surprise up their sleeve to break some big news to an unrecruited player.

Unrecruited senior offensive lineman Garrett Graf of Grand Prairie, Texas joined the team as a walk-on player four years ago. Coaches wanted to break the news to Graf that he earned a full academic scholarship in a special way. So they asked a magician to help.

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The magician pulled a card out of his hat that read and said, “On behalf of the UT football program, I’m pleased to inform you that you are now on a full academic scholarship.”

The entire room erupted into thunderous cheers and surrounded Graf. He tearfully addressed his teammates.

“There’s a lot of guys here that deserve this just as much, if not more than I do,” said Graf. “I promise you guys I won’t let you down and I appreciate this more than you can possibly imagine.”

Tom Herman, head coach at the University of Texas, posted the touching moment to Twitter with the caption, “Well deserved honor for a great teammate.”

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