A family is thanking a fire crew who helped a man after falling off his roof hanging Christmas lights, then stayed behind to finish the job.

According to KDVR, Glenn Elvenholl of Jefferson County, Colorado fell off a ladder while hanging Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving.

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“He had decided that it was too dangerous to be up there and so he was coming back down, the ladder slid out from underneath him,” his wife, Sandra Elvenholl, told KUSA.

He broke his leg and dislocated his ankle.

“Trying to think of so many different things at once, you know, I got to get to the hospital. What do I need to bring? Where are my kids going to go?” Sandra said.

After first responders had Glenn Elvenholl aboard an ambulance and on his was to a nearby hospital, a group of firefighters stayed behind. They had noticed the half-decorated home.

“You just turn around and there’s a house half-decorated with lights that are just hanging off to the side with a ladder still up,” said West Metro Fire Rescue’s John Metzler. “It would’ve almost been a sin not to do it.”

Sandra said she was touched by their gesture.

“One of my neighbors came over to me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re hanging the rest of your lights up,'” Sandra said. “It was such a sweet thing to see at that moment.”

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