A couple married more than 77 years died 30 hours apart. Their families say it’s probably they longest they spent away from each other since tying the knot.

Raymond and Velva Breur married in January 1940. On August 4, Raymond passed away at 97 years old, holding his wife’s hand at a rehab center in Dawson Township, Missouri, the Columbia Tribune reports.

The next day, Velva passed away at 96. The couple had six children together and three survive today. They had 18 grandkids.

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At their anniversary celebration in January, Raymond told reporters he first caught Velva’s attention when he prodded her with a fireplace poker in their one-room schoolhouse when they were children. He didn’t realize it was hot, and Velva bore the scar for the rest of her life.

Despite that, the two married years later.

“She married me to get even with me,” Raymond joked.

Their children decided to bury the pair in the same casket.

“Dad told one of the nurses before he passed, that if they went close together, that they should just be buried together, in the same casket,” son Bobby Breuer said in an interview. “Jokingly, I think. But other people heard it and we asked the funeral director. Mother was a very small woman, and Dad wasn’t that big.”

Those who knew the couple knew they’d be happy with the decision.

“They would always hold hands and sit in the front-row pews of the church,” said state Rep. Cheri Reisch of Hallsville, who knew the Breuers. “They never left each other’s side. It was true love.”

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