A bus driver is getting praise after stopping his bus to help an elderly man on the sidewalk tie his shoe.

“Kudos to the driver on bus service number three for getting off to tie this elderly gentleman’s shoe lace,” Leah-ashley Brown wrote on Facebook when sharing the photograph to Lothian Buses’ Facebook page.

The photo was snapped in Edinburgh in Scotland. The driver, identified as Jackie Downie by the BBC, spotted the man taking a stroll with an untied shoelace. He worried that the man would trip and fall, so he parked his bus and hopped out to lend a hand.

Downie has been getting a lot of thanks for his good deed.

“Well done Jackie as well as the many others who do a good job every day!” Louise Williams commented on the photo on Facebook.

“If only all bus drivers were like this. Most don’t even give you eye contact never mind speak,” wrote Andrea Paterson.

A bus driver stopped his bus to help an elderly man tie his shoe

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