MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio – A 90-year-old great grandmother has knitted thousands of hats for babies, and has no plans of stopping any time soon.

“2,100. That’s a lot of hats, that’s a lot of babies!” Barabara Lowe, 90, told WOIO.

Lowe, who lives in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, maintains a strict schedule and says the activity keeps her agile.

“Age is just a number, and you’ve got tokeep busy. You just can’t sit and crawl in a corner. You’ve got to keep moving, got to keep doing,” she said.

Lowe pays for all the supplies herself.

The hats Lowe makes are sent to newborns at nearby Hillcrest Hospital, where they help keep babies warm at their most vulnerable time.

90-year-old great-grandmother helps thousands of babies with project that keeps her young

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