SALEM, Utah – A 7-year-old girl who lost all her hair to alopecia isn’t letting that stop her from winning Crazy Hair Day at school.

Just a few weeks ago, Gianessa Wride had a full head of hair. But in January, her mom noticed that her daughter’s hair started coming out in chunks when she brushed it.

“She’s in the first grade and she just got diagnosed with alopecia in January,” mom Daniella Wride told KSTU.

Wride worried that Gianessa would lose her confidence and spunk after losing her hair.

“I was nervous that kids would start to bully her and she wouldn’t fit in or she wouldn’t be as confident,” said Wride.

So when Crazy Hair Day came up at school, Wride got creative.

“She put jewels on my head,” said Gianessa. “People were crowding me saying ‘You look cool. How did you do that?”

Daniella said she wants her daughter to stay the confident girl she always has been, despite this life-long diagnosis.

“You have two choices: you can either be sad about it and miserable or you can have fun and enjoy it,” Daniella told KUTV. “You have to teach your kids life isn’t fair all the time. You have to be able to adapt and change.”

7-year-old without hair wins prize for best ‘do on ‘Crazy Hair Day’

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