DERBYSHIRE, England – A couple finally tied the knot, decades after calling off their engagement in 1951.

Family members told the BBC that Helen Andre, 82, and Davy Moakes, 86, fell in love in 1950s in England. They got engaged, but Helen’s family forced her to break it off, because he was an aspiring artist.

“It broke both their hearts, but in those days you did as you were told,” said Helen’s daughter, Debbie Williams.

They both eventually married other people and had separate families, but throughout their lives, they bumped into each other in unexpected places.

“But we both had children and were married, and so we agreed that we could not be together,” Davy told The Sun.

Decades later, Helen’s daughter arranged a meeting. After her mother was widowed for a third time, Debbie managed to track down Davy through social media. Soon, things were as is they had never changed.

“It’s so strong the love between us,” Davy told The Sun.

Shortly after, they decided to tie the knot. They were married at a registry office Friday.

Davy and Helen said getting married to each other makes them feel young again.

“I have loved him my whole life,” said Helen. “I feel like a teenager again.”

65 years after breaking off engagement, couple gets their happy ending

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