SAYRE, Ok. – A woman has been reunited with her wedding ring more than a decade after it slipped off her finger into a pond.

Trisha O’Quinn and her grandfather were fishing at their family pond in Sayre, Oklahoma 13 years ago when they came across a frantic couple. Jenni and Eric Easter were also fishing when Jenni’s wedding ring slipped off her finger and into the water.

“We helped them look for a long time with no luck and took down their name and number,” Trisha, who is now 22 years old, told ABC News. “About six months after they lost it I went back to look for it because the water had dried up quite a bit and I found it within minutes!”

When she tried to call the couple, the number had been disconnected.

She didn’t know the couple’s names, so her search for the ring’s owners came to an abrupt halt. She put the ring in her jewelry box and forgot about it until she spotted it last week.

Tricia decided to use Facebook to locate the mystery couple.

She posted photos of the ring along with the story.

“I know this is a long shot but I’m hopeful!” wrote Trisha.

The post was shared more than 33,000 times. Little did Trisha know the couple lived only about a mile away from her in Sayre.

Eric and Jenni eventually saw the post and reached out to Trisha. They have finally been reunited with the ring. They are getting it resized and cleaned before Jenni slips it back on her finger — for good this time.

As it turns out, Trisha was so close to finding the couple all along. She works as a substitute teacher at the school where Jenni works. Tricia even coached their daughter’s softball team.

“I definitely believe it was nothing short of a miracle,” Eric told ABC News.

13 years after finding wedding ring in pond, woman tracks down owner

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