A girl’s reaction to finding out she was going to be adopted by her foster parents is warming hearts around the country.

Tannah Butterfield is a sixth grader at American Heritage School in South Jordan, Utah. Her family has been trying to officially adopt Tannah and her two younger siblings, and earlier this month, it finally happened, KUTV reports.

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Tannah formed a special bond with her school’s office manager, Jackie Alexander. Tannah comes by to visit Jackie daily.

According to ABC News, Tannah’s soon-to-be adoptive mother called the school and asked Alexander to give the good news to her daughter during her daily visit to the office.

Security cameras captured Tannah jumping into Alexander’s arms when she heard the good news. Alexander posted the video to her Instagram page, where it quickly went viral.

“All that excitement, joy and happiness that you see in Tannah went right through to me,” Alexander told ABC News.

“My heart was so happy. It was like, ‘Ahh!’ It was like screaming,” Tannah told KUTV.

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