COLUMBIA, S.C. – A 107-year-old South Carolina resident says she’s excited to cast her vote in this year’s historic election.

“I never thought that I will live to see a day like this, I’m over 100 years old,” Donella Wilson told WIS-TV.

Both of Wilson’s parents were slaves. She overcame a lot of obstacles to secure her voter ID card, and cast her first vote in 1940, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president. This year will be her 13th time voting for president.

“I’m happy that I lived this long to see that we could be voting and the voting be counted,” Wilson said.

In 2008, she was proud to witness the first black president get elected. Today, she will be casting her vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I’m looking for her to be our first female President,” Wilson told WIS-TV. “I think it’s an honor, a precious gift from God.”
107-year-old daughter of slaves prepares to cast her vote

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