A pair of 100-year-olds who share the same birthday live just a few miles apart but met for the first time on a blind date recently.

The pair live in England and were brought together by home support staff, who realized the two centenarians share the same birthday.

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According to the Stokes Sentinel, Arthur Moult and Florence Philips were born just hours apart during World War I.

They recently went on a blind date at a supermarket cafe near their homes.

“I’ve never been on a blind date before!” Florence said.

They shared a meal and some cake. Arthur even serenaded Florence at the end of the meal.

“Arthur is a wonderful man, and he has a wonderful singing voice,” Florence said, according to The Sun.

The two got along so well on their first date that they plan to stay in touch.

“My wife died 25 years ago, and I have lived alone since, but being with Florence is very fun,” said Arthur. “It would be lovely to keep seeing her.”

100-year-olds who share the same birthday go on a blind date at a supermarket Facebook / Age UK

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