A man with a terminal illness is making his numbered days count, doing everything he can to help others.

Two months ago, Bob Charland of Chicopee, Mass., was given a terminal diagnosis. He has a neuro-degenerative brain disease.

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“Why not? If it’s just my time, why not do it? It’s making these kids happy, it’s promoting something positive in their life, so I’m going to keep doing it,” Charland told WWLP.

Charland spends his free time refurbishing old bikes for kids in need.

On Easter Sunday, Charland dropped off more than a dozen refurbished bikes to kids in need.

“It’s awesome. I was almost going to cry because we got these new bikes, because our bikes got stolen from here,” said Hannah, who received one of the bikes.

Charland got some help from his friend, Anouson Souvannasane, who works for the Chicopee Police department.

“I’ve been working in this area for years now; it’s the first area that came to mind. We need more people to step up. He’s setting the bar for those who aren’t sick to do something for the kids,” said Souvannasane.

Terminally ill man spends his final days helping children in need Facebook / Chicopee Police Department

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