NEW YORK – A night out recently cost a New York man more than he expected after losing his wallet.

Reilly Flaherty said he was devastated when he realized his wallet was gone.

“I was just completely dejected – lost everything. Had to go get new credit cards, new driver’s license, everything,” Flaherty told WABC.

But a few weeks later, he received an anonymous letter in the mail.

“Two weeks later, this crazy envelope just shows up completely unmarked,”Flaherty said.

Inside was his licence and credit cards. But his wallet, cash and MetroCard were gone.

“I thought everything was gone, so it was kind of cool to get part of what was lost,” said Flaherty.

The sender wrote that he kept the cash for weed, the MetroCard because the fare was too high, and the wallet because it was too nice to give back.

Stolen wallet returned with painfully honest letter about why thief kept the cash

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