GRANBURY, Tx. – A Texas couple is grateful for a deputy who came to their rescue to help deliver their daughter last month. They are so grateful, in fact, that they honored the deputy with an adorable photo shoot.

Mom Destiny Hall and her husband, Caleb, were speeding to the hospital on the morning of July 18, ABC News reports.

On their way, Deputy Constable Mark Diebold flagged the couple down and offered to escort them to the hospital. He led the way, with his lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Soon, Destiny realized baby girl Joy Deborah just wasn’t going to wait any longer. The couple pulled into a gas station parking lot, followed by Diebold, who was there to catch the baby and clear her airway before she started to cry.

“This kind of gives me perspective of why I became a police officer,” Diebold said according to KDFW. “It was a positive moment and I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

Destiny says she will be forever grateful to the deputy for his help. To commemorate Joy Deborah’s eventful arrival, she asked a professional photographer to include the deputy’s badge in pictures.

In one photo, baby Joy lays on Diebold’s uniform in the front seat of her parents’ car where she was born.

“It blew me away how much this meant to [the deputy constable] and his family,” Destiny told ABC News. “They were in tears. So I really wanted to give him something to memorialize this day… something sweet to have. This event was really life-changing.”

Parents honor man who helped deliver baby in touching way

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