A 21-year-old entrepreneur is well on his way to closing out the year with more than a million dollars in revenue from his small business, and he just happens to have Down syndrome.

John Cronin, 21, of Huntington New York wanted to make people happy with colorful, zany socks.

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He told his dad, Mark Cronin, about his idea and together they set up an online store to sell socks. The company was called John’s Crazy Socks.

The company launched in December. They decided to introduce “awareness” socks to support people with Down syndrome and autism. A portion of the proceeds from those socks benefit the Special Olympics and the Autism Society of America.

ABC News reports that in March, the company had it’s biggest month yet, yielding more than $350,000 in revenue. They were featured on the website The Mighty in February, which sent their sales through the roof.

“It completely wiped us out,” said Mark.

This month, they hired more employees and moved to a larger space to accommodate the increased demand.

The father-son duo say they enjoy working together.

“Being John’s partner, seeing him come up the learning curve, is just wonderful. He works very hard,” Mark told ABC News.

Man with Down syndrome on track to become a millionaire off his business Facebook / John's Crazy Socks

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