By Matt Wotus

According to the Facebook group Love What Matters, a young woman named Angi’s grandparents were recently given just months to live. Her grandfather’s body is shutting down, and her grandmother’s stage four cancer has spread all throughout her body.

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Out of all the grandchildren, Angi has the closest bond with them. When she was a kid, she would sneak out of the house at every night at 4 a.m. and go across the street to crawl into bed with them. She even has a tattoo on her back of her grandfather’s name and a picture of the division he served in during World War II.

The grandparents had one last request — a beach trip with all four generations of the family. Everyone drove to Florida, where the grandparents live, for one last beach trip. But while the family was quickly planning the trip, Angi mentioned how devastated she was that if she and her serious boyfriend, Toby, ever got married, her grandparents wouldn’t be able to be there.

Hearing that, Toby decided to surprise Angi by proposing on the beach trip.

One of Angi’s sisters brought her down by beach under the assumption that her daughter would be practicing a song in front of the family for a performance later in the summer. She started to sing, but it turned out to be Angi and Toby’s song.

Angi turned around to find Toby on one knee, and he asked her to marry him as four generations of her family, including her grandparents, watched. She said yes.

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