By Matt Wotus

Nathan Simons was hired to work part-time in the Down syndrome program at Boston Children’s Hospital, but after his bosses noticed his go-go attitude and aptness for following directions, he was offered a full-time position.

After accepting the offer, Simons became the hospital’s first full-time employee with Down syndrome. His day-to-day tasks include anything from faxing to interacting with families, and it’s the latter the hospital might appreciate the most.

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“He comes to work each day with enthusiasm and provides inspiration and optimism for families with Down syndrome and they look at Nate and see what is possible,” Dr. Nicole Baumer told CBS affiliate WBZ-TV News.

Simons said it was amazing to get offered a full-time position and that he loves the job.

“I love the people who come here and give good feedback,” he said. “I do paperwork and I am the hardest worker here.”

Boston man becomes first full-time employee at Boston Children’s Hospital with Down syndrome WBZ-TV News Screenshot

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