By Matt Wotus

Bronkar Lee has taught beatboxing professionally overseas, but in an adorable video his wife, Cyndi Lee, posted to Facebook, he’s doing what he loves in his own home in Atlanta, Georgia, with his 19-month-old son.

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In what the parent’s call “highchair beatboxing,” Bronkar and his son, Elijah, have an impressive beatbox session. The couple told ABC News they play music constantly around their son.

“Our view is that music is just simply another language.” Bronkar, a professional musician, said. “That’s all it is. “That moment is happening all the time at our house.”

Cyndi, a professional songwriter, said Elijah was around three months old when they first incorporated him into a song, as he was clicking along to the rhythm while in a bouncy chair using little bells they tied around his ankles.

The music also helps the little boy fall asleep.

“When Elijah was tiny and he had a hard time relaxing and settling down, I would take him in my arms and go into our studio and I’d make live beats and music with percussion, guitars, flute, whatever, and I’d make these beats and bounce him in my arms and he’d fall asleep with full-on music,” Bronkar said. “He’s always playing music, we’re always singing together. This is an everyday event in our house.”

He added that he’s excited his son enjoys the beatboxing as much as he and his wife do.

“He gets it 100 percent. No question about it,” he said. “He sings with us on key. He understands. He’s cultivating his motor skills. He’s very aware of what’s happening.”

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