By Matt Wotus

A doctor who was preparing to give birth ended up helping deliver another baby after hearing the patient’s screams.

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Amanda Hess, a Kentucky OB-GYN, was at Frankfort Regional Medical Center preparing for an induced labor when she heard screaming coming from another room, she told ABC News.

The woman screaming turned out to be Leah Johnson, one of Hess’ patients, who was at the hospital to give birth to her fourth child. The on-call doctor was out of the building on his break, but Johnson’s contractions were speeding up. Hess said there was no time to wait, so she got out of her own bed to help.

“She was just glad to be able to get to push and have the baby out and not have to wait any longer,” she said.

Hess helped Johnson deliver a healthy baby girl, and almost 12 hours later, Hess gave birth to her own healthy daughter. After the births, the two moms reunited over Skype.

“I lucked out to be in the hospital with you,” Johnson told Hess. “I tell you, I had no idea when you came into the room that that’s what was going on.”

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