TEXARKANA, Ark. – A rescuers are in disbelief after finding an 8-month-old unharmed in a storm drain after a rollover crash on a busy highway.

“It was a miracle,” Texarkana, Arkansas fire department Capt. Charlie Smith told ABC News. “We have no idea how she ended up safe down there with nothing more than a little scratch on her forehead.”

Officials say an 18-wheeler clipped a car on Interstate 30 Saturday evening, causing it to flip. First responders quickly found four people who needed help. Before rushing them to the hospital, they told rescuers the 8-month-old girl was ejected from the car and was unaccounted for.

Rescuers heard a noise from a drainage grate about 25 feet from the road.

“The 8-month-old was actually sitting down in the grate. Sitting up and looking at us, waiting for us to pull her out,” rescuers told KSLA. “She wasn’t screaming. She wasn’t crying. She was just sitting there waiting for us.”

“There’s so many times we go out and things aren’t OK,”  said another rescuer. “During the holidays here to have something positive just feels good.”

The baby girl was taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and was later discharged. None of the passengers were seriously hurt.

The baby’s mother said she is grateful to have her back in her arms.

“I’m thanking God for sparing my baby, for sparing us, for not taking my angel away from me,” said mom Jakesia Colson. “She’s my miracle baby.”

8-month-old ejected in crash found in storm drain smiling, waiting for rescuers

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