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Toddler shreds more than $1,000 in cash meant for season football tickets

By Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


It could certainly qualify as a parent’s worst nightmare. A toddler finds an envelope full of cash and does what else? Throws it into a shredder.

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That’s exactly what happened to a family in Holladay, Utah, when their toddler discovered an envelope with just over $1,000 in it meant for a family member for repayment of season football tickets, according to KSL-TV.

Ben and Jackee Belnap had saved for a year and then the cash disappeared, KSL reported.

After turning the house upside down, they realized what had happened. Their toddler, Leo, had shredded the money.

“Leo helps me shred junk mail and just things with our name on it, or important documents we want to get rid of,” Jackee Belnap told the news station.

She said little Leo must have found the envelope when his parents weren’t looking and shredded it himself.

The good news for the Belnaps is there is actually a U.S. government office that deals with ripped, ruined or mutilated money. They can fix most things people do to cash, but it takes time.

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“I called the guy the next morning and he said, ‘Oh, we might be able to help you here,’ and I was shocked,” Ben Belnap told KSL. “He said, ‘Bag it up in little Ziploc bags, mail it to D.C., and in one to two years, you’ll get your money back.’”

It’s a good bet that little Leo doesn’t have access to the family’s shredder anymore.

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Toddler shreds more than $1,000 in cash meant for season football tickets




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