A simple moment documented forever is bringing hope to a divided country.

Kardé Nauden was hurt during football practice. He had to be taken to the hospital for an injury to his elbow, KETV reported.

“I was blocking. I got put to the ground, tried to catch myself and my elbow popped out of place,” Kardé told KETV.

He had dislocated his elbow and had to be taken to the hospital.

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As EMTs worked on the 9-year-old, the entire team said a prayer over their teammate in pain.

Kardé still had to go to the hospital, but he didn’t go alone.

Joe Schlotfeld, the coach of the Lil’ Vikes, and his son Cayson went with him.

They stayed with Kardé’s mother as her son was at the emergency room.

That’s where Schlotfeld snapped the photo of the two boys, Cayson, with his hand on Kardé’s head.

“He’s part of my family,” Cayson told KETV. “I was looking at him, praying.”

But why the photo?

“Just to share brotherly love and to show two kids from different backgrounds can unite,” Schlotfeld told KETV.

Schlotfeld told Cox Media Group’s National Content Desk’s Ivy Brown that he wanted to show them caring for each other and how close his players are with each other.

“We may be born with different skin colors, but God made us all the same,” Schlotfeld said. “They’re brothers. They don’t see skin color. It’s a brotherhood.”

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