An 8-year-old boy got a big surprise from Microsoft after giving up an Xbox to help the homeless instead.

Mikah Frye of Beachwood, Ohio, got a lot of attention earlier this month for his generosity this Christmas.  He opted to give up one big item on his Christmas list, an Xbox, so he could buy blankets for the homeless instead, according to WDJT-TV.

Because he gave up his gift, Mikah was able to buy dozens of blankets to help the homeless. He wanted to help them because his family briefly became homeless when they fell on hard times a few years ago.

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His act of kindness went viral around the country and eventually caught the eye of the Microsoft corporation, which makes the Xbox gaming console.

The company got in touch with Mikah’s grandmother to arrange a surprise for him.

“When they called and told me, I was just instantly crying on the phone, and I couldn’t believe it,” Mikah’s grandmother Terry Brant told WDJT-TV. “What’s harder was not telling him.”

Mikah arrived at a Microsoft store and was greeted by cheerful employees who led him to Santa, who was waiting to present Mikah with two full bags of gifts, including an Xbox.

Mikah was so surprised and touched, he began to cry.

His family members were grateful their son was recognized for his selflessness.

“It’s just amazing. It’s a blessing; Mikah is a blessing to our family, and we thank you very much,” said Brant.

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