By Kelcie Willis, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

NEW YORK — Twin brothers had no interest in staying in bed one night, and their antics were all caught on video monitors.

“Today” reported that the pair was caught on a Nest home monitoring system set up by their parents,  Jonathan and Susana Balkin, who wondered what their 2-year-old toddlers were up to when they were supposed to be in bed.

“We heard a whole bunch of giggling, so we started spying on them,” Jonathan Balkin said on the morning show Monday.

Video shows Andrew and Ryan Balkin hopping in and out of their cribs, jumping and laying on the love seat in their room and piling up pillows and couch cushions.

“We ended up spying on them for a little while on the camera just to make sure they weren’t getting into trouble,” Jonathan Balkin said. “Then after a while we decided, OK, it’s time to intervene and put them to bed. That didn’t really work out so well.”

The boys’ dad said that the pair have escaped a few times before.

“People we know that we haven’t seen in years have seen it in their respective country,” Susana Balkin said. “It’s been overwhelming, but full of love.”

“They sleep in their beds really well, so we are exploring toddler beds,” Jonathan Balkin said. “We did change it so you can take off one of those walls, and they just ended up going in and out all night. So the cribs are good for now. Maybe by the summer time, we’ll switch it up.”

Watch the family talk about their viral video below.

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