Two kids in North Carolina wanted to help their families buy new clothes and school supplies for the new year, so they opened a lemonade stand to raise money.

Aniyah Williams, 11, and Isaiah Lattimer, 12, opened “Sweet and Sour Lemonade” in their Raleigh neighborhood.

Geraldine Alshamy, a community advocate, noticed the boys running a makeshift stand.

“I live near there and when I saw him I asked why they were selling it,” Alshamy told ABC News. “They wanted new clothes and school supplies, so I decided to see how I could help.”

She set them up with a tent and a table, as well as a lemonade recipe. Soon, business was booming.

The local police department and grocery stores in the area donated lemons and water to the kids.

“There’s math involved when they’re tracking their money each day and they deduct the amount they pay for ingredients,” she said. “So they’re learning the basics of good business and how to get along, respect people, be grateful and share.”

So far, the kids estimate they’ve made about $800.

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